Welcome to J-N Blog.

Hi everyone!welcome to J-N Blog.Am Joan,a counselor by professional and a writer now,am from Uganda the pearl of Africa.

Am a woman with ambition and big dreams who want to live her life,see her self flourish,sharing her story with the world,to motivate,inspire young girls out there to take up space,dream big and bigger.

Am starting my journey as a writer,learning many things,being positive maybe one day I will be a great successful writer and will inspire young girls out there that you can start from nothing to mastering the game and be excellent.

Latest from the Blog

Sex during pregnancy.part 2

Sex during pregnancy is not only healthy but more better than before because it helps in easier labor and recovery.Having an orgasm increases the contraction in the pelvic which helps to strengthen the muscles you will need for labour and after delivery. Less bathroom breaks.feeling like you always want to pee,leaking when you sneeze or […]

Sex during pregnancy.part 1

Sex during pregnancy is the absolute last thing on some women’s minds especially when they are dealing with nausea,vomiting and over whelming fatigue.However other women crave for sex during pregnancy.Some men find nothing sexier than pregnant women but others may be afraid of hurting the baby or partner. During the first trimester many women report […]

Life in masks.

We couldn’t imagine before a life in masks because masks were know for professionals like doctors,carpenters,masons( people skilled in cutting,dressing and laying stones in buildings),people who work in conditions where there is a lot of dust and debris(organic waste from dead or damaged tissue wound obscured by blood) filled in the air. Even if your […]

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